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Plastic Profile Systems

uPVC windows

comfortable and long-lasting

Our uPVC windows and doors are manufactured in the profile system Aluplast. This innovative, internationally leading and ISO 9001 certified profile system is based on a multi-chamber technology. The RAL-tested profiles are available in various designs and have excellent thermal insulation properties up to passive house standards. 

IDEAL 4000® 

Stop sealing system with 70mm building depth

High thermal insulation properties according to EnEV

Sound insulation up to 45dB (SSK IV)

Designer glass molding for the interior

5-chamber system as standard combination

Increased burglary protection when using appropriate security fittings

IDEAL 7000®

85mm building depth

6-chamber profile

Stop sealing system with two sealing levels

Steel reinforcements inside the profile ensure stability even with large-sized window elements

Glazing thickness up to 51mm possible

IDEAL 8000®

Middle sealing system with three sealing levels

85mm building depth / 8-chamber profile

Very good thermal insulation properties

(EnEV / KfW70)

Sound insulation up to 45dB (SSK IV)

Designer glass molding for the interior

Increased burglary protection


Unique thermal insulation values up to uw=0.61W/m²K (suitable for passive houses)

Sound insulation up to 45dB  (SSK IV)

Glazing thickness up to 52mm possible

Designer glass molding for the interior

Increased burglary protection (e.g. WK2) with bonding inside technology

Colors and decores

turn your facade into an attractive eye-catcher

RODENBERG entrance door panels

individual, durable, first class


window rebate vents

arimeo window rebate vents are used effectively to prevent mould. Finely dosed fresh air flows in through the closed window via the window rebate vents, so that the structural-physically required minimum air exchange can be achieved without wasting energy.

Window rebate vents react to the wind pressure changes around the building. At stronger wind speeds the air flaps automatically control the incoming air and thus avoid draughts. If the wind speed drops again, the air flaps automatically open for new fresh air supply. arimeo window rebate vents are always installed between the wing and frame of the window, being invisible when the window is shut. They exclusively use the space between the wing and the frame as an air flow path, i.e. the window rebate.


multiple locking system GU-SECURY Automatic

When closing the door, two latchbolts automatically throw a full 20mm and remain blocked until operated.

If required, the automatic latchbolts can be mechanically fixed in the door lock – this is the so called daytime unlocking: the door now can be opened without using a key.

RC 2-tested in combination with different door systems.


comfortable and safe

TITAN iP  brand fittings by SIEGENIA-AUBI have proven to be successful in many official tests at recognized testing institutes. Regular production controls by independet testing centers ensure that the respective requirements are met.

Shutter systems

more than just darkening

Windows are the connection from the outside world to the inside of your home. They open the room, let in light and air and open the view to the outside. But sometimes they can also compromise the living comfort of a house or building: in hot and cold weather, for example. In sunlight and darkness, in street noise or in prying eyes from outside.

With the wide-ranging high-quality and comfortable shutter systems from various manufacturers, we offer a comprehensive product range which also guarantee a high level of safety and present a valuable contribution to energy savings. All elements such as roller shutter boxes, bars and controler technology complement each other perfectly and thus, add a significantly higher quality of life to your home.